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gc_GetMetaEvent( )

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int gc_GetMetaEvent(metaeventp)


METAEVENT *metaeventp

  pointer to METAEVENT data structure


0 if successful
<0 if failure




system controls and tools





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The gc_GetMetaEvent( ) function retrieves event information for the current SRL event that stores the GlobalCall and non-GlobalCall event information. This metaevent is a data structure that explicitly contains the information describing the SRL event to be returned to the Linux or Windows application. This data structure provides uniform information retrieval among call control libraries and across operating systems; see Section 3.31. METAEVENT for data structure details.

You must call the gc_GetMetaEvent( ) function to retrieve any GlobalCall event information and any other event information if you are not sure of the event type. If the metaevent is a GlobalCall event, the GCME_GC_EVENT bit in the metaevent flag field will be set. The GlobalCall-related fields of the METAEVENT data structure contain valid data only when the GCME_GC_EVENT bit is set. Do not use these fields if the bit is not set.

The current SRL event information is not changed or altered by calling the gc_GetMetaEvent( ) function to retrieve event information. This function may be used as a convenience function to retrieve the event information for all SRL events. Whether the event is a GlobalCall event or any other SRL event, the SRL event information (for example, evtdatap, evttype) may be retrieved from the METAEVENT data structure instead of using SRL functions to retrieve this information.




pointer to the METAEVENT structure filled by this function. See Section 3.31. METAEVENT for data structure details.

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The following code illustrates calling the gc_GetMetaEvent( ) function in response to receiving an event via the SRL.


To retrieve and process information associated with an event, the following example code can be used. This code returns the event type, event data pointer, event length and event device associated with the event from either the handler or after a sr_waitevt( ) function call.

The following code illustrates retrieving event information from the METAEVENT structure while making a call:

The following code illustrates retrieving event information from the METAEVENT structure while waiting for a call:

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If this function returns <0 to indicate failure, use the gc_ErrorInfo( ) function to retrieve the reason for the error. See the Error Handling section in the GlobalCall Application Developer's Guide. All GlobalCall error codes are defined in the gcerr.h file. If the error returned is technology specific, see the technology-specific error header file(s) for the error definition (for example, ccerr.h or isdnerr.h file for the ISDN call control library).

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